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Our Schedule


     8am - Noon         Gospel music of all genres

     Noon - 4pm         Over The Rhine Showcase with Dieter (German)

     4pm - 6pm           Cincy Sounds hosted by Monika (live music from various genres)

     6pm - 8pm           Sunday Evening Bluegrass (Bluegrass)

     8pm - Midnight    Sunday Night Jazz & Monday Morning Blues hosted by Paul Bodde (Jazz)


     8am - Noon          Classic Country and Bluegrass hosted by Randy Neal (Classic Country / Bluegrass)

     Noon - 4pm          Precious Memories hosted by Gary Strong (Gospel)

    4pm - 8pm            Drive Time Bluegrass hosted by Chris Kelly(Bluegrass)

    8pm - 11pm          Country Music Jukebox hosted by Chuck Hoberg (Classic Country)


     8am - Noon          Classic Country and Bluegrass hosted by various broadcasters (Classic Country / Bluegrass)

    Noon - 4pm           Big Band Showcase hosted by Jim Cook (Big Band)

    4pm - 8pm             Hooked On Swing hosted by Ernie Siders (Big Band)

    8pm -  Midnight     Big Band hosted by Mr. B (Big Band)


    8am - Noon            Old Time Radio Show by Chuck Black (Golden Age of Radio)

   Noon - 4pm             Music of Scotland hosted by Jesse Andrews (Scottish)

   4pm - 8pm               Vintage Jazz with rotating hosts Randy Neal and Lee Jackson (Jazz)

   8pm - Midnight       The Real Jazz Conversation hosted by Steve Martin (Jazz)


    5am - 8am              Sunrise Serenade hosted by Steve Henderson (Big Band)    

    8am - Noon            Thursday Morning Jamboree hosted by Gary Strong (Classic Country / Bluegrass)

   Noon - 4pm             Gospel Jubilee hosted by Sheila Boothe (Gospel)

   4pm - 8pm               Big Time Bluegrass with Rob Moore               

   8pm - Midnight        Classic Country Music  hosted by various personalities

   ​Midnight - 3am        Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass (Bluegrass) (pre-recorded)


     8am - Noon            Classic Country and Bluegrass hosted by Randy Neal (Classic Country / Bluegrass)

     Noon - 4pm            Rhythm Is Our Business with Sheila Boothe (big band)

     4pm - 8pm              Movin' To Motown hosted by Suzann  (Motown, Soul, Rock-N-Roll)

     8pm - Midnight       Friday Night Classics  (50's, 60's, & 70's Classic Rock-N-Roll)


      8am - Noon            The Bluegrass Showcase hosted by Chris Kelly (Bluegrass)

      Noon - 4pm            Classic Country

      4pm - 8pm              True Country and Bluegrass with Mason Isaacs (Classic Country/Bluegrass)

      8pm - Midnight       Saturday Night Mix